Maryland Institute College of Art—2010 GD MFA Theses

Molly Hawthorne

Data Disorder

Data Disorder focuses the narrative of schizophrenia through a visual display of language.

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Justin Kropp

Birdness—a semiotic analysis

A visual exploration through Charles Sanders Peirce's icon, index, and symbol.

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Virginia Sasser

Verse Patterns: Visualizing Poetics

Verse Patterns is a system of visual textures that identify poetic devices; it is a means of examining literary language while illuminating its subtle nuances.

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Andrew Shea

Designing for Social Change

Strategies to help graphic designers become effective social designers.

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Jennifer White-Torres

Black To Our Roots / Baltimore

Project for a proposed promotional design campaign to increase community awareness, sponsorship, and funding for Baltimore City youth in the Black To Our Roots organization.

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J. Aaron Walser

Finding Harry: A True Story

Graphic design can tell stories in a powerful and memorable way.

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